Coal And Diamonds

Vintage Words


Coal came from

a truck before converstion

to gas or oil. Down the chute

to the basement fresh and shiny.

Today's kids do not remember

coal chutes or coal stoves.


Plucked or chipped or loaded

up by hand or a coal shovel,

another piece of technology

kids today probably could not



Coal, picked by miners are

like black fruit. A high carbon

signature hopefully will be

replaced means by wind

and solar because gas and oil

are running out.






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bishu's picture

Yet I wonder

Yet I wonder why people see diamonds as treasure Wink



allets's picture

Rarity Gives Them Value

Humans will name anything pretty as expensive - especially if small children's fingers sift for them. Russia has diamonds, did you know? - slc



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Diamonds are forever

Diamonds are forever

Russia or wherever



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So hard a substance they put them on the tips of drill bits. Pearl diving, not that's a sport :)



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Remember when

Bad kids use to get coal for Christmas?

© Sootyash All rights reserved.

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Not Us

If I did not get my doll there would be trouble at the North Pole. I was good way back when and I am ever so good now too. :)