Cure For The Blues

Vintage Words


If I knew then

what I know now,

I would sing a lot

more in the shower.

Neighbors would

complain for

the volume and hour

but I would be so

much happier.


I will never complain

about anyone plugged-in 

in public ever again

in my critiques 

of the environment.


They are listening

to someone sing their

essence or wail

their core on their

axe in a voice

of the happiness



Listen to the notes

in a falling breeze,

a swift wind, a hard

gust of your ego's 

nature, then go find

it in a song or a 

catchy tune.


The question is why

am I blue? The reply 

is, "Not enough sounds

in your joyless life

to raise the mood."







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Smile and the world smiles, sing and the univers looks up with a question on its face :D slc

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