Zone Comfort

Vintage Words


If a gentle place exists with soft music

and blooming smiles, I declare

peace and I declare rest.


When a whispering wind whisks

worldward - whistles down avenues,

windings wild and unwieldly

whipping east, north wandering,

southern whirling to waltz west,

I want to feel it on my skin

and declare myself well.


If a subtle sound grows from simple

minuscule thinking, and hums

softly into my spaces, I declare joy

and I declare contentment.










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fuche_bu's picture

declare peace and rest.  You

declare peace and rest.  You deserve the break.  Just be aware that the struggles and battles will continue later.  We all need the occasional respite to recuperate.

allets's picture

Aw Man!

More to come? Okay. :D