Pass The Buck


I am talking cash, payola, coin,

the big haul, the ship come

in and run aground is the theme.

Money, I am in love

and need a new everything

to impress him. Oh, bank account

why are you so tiny?


Travel and dinner; long walks

on foreign soil along pristine beaches

beneath palms and gentle breezes.

It takes a few ducats for that.


Oh, financial security, the dream

of millions of single dollar bills.

Song worthy, Barett strong

knew that's what I waaaaaaaaannnnnnt.

That's what I want.



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i'm with you. financial

i'm with you. financial freedom is a privilege afforded to few. 

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If I Had Oodles Of Money

I'd give lots of it to The Salvation Army and Doctors Without Borders. 



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That sounds so nice 

That sounds so nice 

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Of Course

I'd start a publishing company and publish books for everyone on PostPoems. Ha! Then travel Michigan by car. :D