Why I Like Oldies So Much

Confessions should be true

and here I go talking out the side

of my teeth to say that

which goes without uttering.


Listening to the music

that pervaded my memory

in 1950-1965, or somewhere

up in there, I get past

the work life years, and child

rearing years to float

among the decades where

care was free and being broke

was no biggie.


So, crank me up some oldies

and keep the Hop and let me bop.

Some blues'll do, but rock 

and metal, mostly, hurt.


That sound you hear is the soul

cracking open unleasing

a beat so close to your heart's

drum you can not distinguish

which is heart and which 

is the oldie and all you know

is it's all good.



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You can't go wrong with a lot

You can't go wrong with a lot of the old classics.

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I Listen While Writing

and editing. It is elevating.