The USA's Got Blood In The Game


We don't know most days

what we doin' in that part

of the world. Somebody said

sign on the line, send help,

we there.


Nam was my war, II or I

somebody else's. Jungle geared

and serious, glad to go

glad to get home. Glad trouble

fades in time. Or stays

and follows you around

like shadow in the jungle.


We were the Kilroys, eyes

over the wall, ready to leap

and shoot, to claim that we got

blood and skin in the game.

That's why we came.


When the rag is full of holes

and dragged through sewers

and burned, we don't know

why. But, we were there.

Over any sea, on any ground

so that we can tell the future

how we ultimately won.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Born In The USA , the song - is like seeing the statue for the first time; I have no idea what Bruce is screamin' about or why, but it comes from inside him and splashed on me. 


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We have a lot of blood on our

We have a lot of blood on our hands and it doesn't seem to be washing out.

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Like Tariffs

Countries who want loans and grants of foreign aid and trade with usa are being bullied into supporting political positions out of DC. It is a long and old game. War happens when they refuse to play.