Trauma And Healing



Warning. I am about to lie.

I have never had a traumatic

moment in my long emotionally

healthy life. I am a wonder. God

broke the mold after me.


I forgive every one who has ever

wished me ill or tried to intentionally

hurt me. The public disgracings

and defacings from family

are forgotten by all who were within

hearing range anyway. They have

full lives and seldom think of me.


I don't know how to curse so

telling people off strongly is more

embarrassing than effective.


No, never gave malaffectations

toward me a fifth or twelfth thought.

I wash the memory in bleach

so the dirt is gone with the stains.


If I told you the truth you would

cry for a year of better, so I will keep

the horrors hidden and continue

my ages old practice of lying.


Lady A





Author's Notes/Comments: 

After Hopefulwoman's "Verses Verses Verses"

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And u say u don’t slam,

And u say u don’t slam, bravo!! I loved ”i wash the memory in bleach” this is  powerful  A mantra i wish i could repeat over and over. 

Let your teeth show

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May not be a word. High praise indeed, slammability. Thanks - slc

Lady A