Over-Night Lilies

Vintage Words


Tube enclosed

Casablanca lilies

over-night pop

and grab the eye.


Double headed,

welcoming sunlight,

two trumpets

praising creation.


Pristine, black eyed

beauties, worthy of odes,

worthy of any garden,

they are essentially

and most exquisitely

worthy of a vase.








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bishu's picture

The flowers bloom

The flowers bloom

In all their grandeur

To give us joy

Some are scented

Others smell wild

Please don't pluck 'em

They look better

On their green stalks



allets's picture

Hi Bish

Last year I plucked very few of my flowers. Swinging a shovel took out my back, actually, but they were nice to see outside and were visited often. Same this year, forcing admiration of the colors and the tenancity of such gifts to inspire a moment of aesthetic appreication and give a bit of praise to the gardener. "They look better/On their green stalks" Yes, they do. :D slc