Quiting is easier. The more practice

you have in walking away, the easier

walking out on commitment eventually

learns to own you. Walking

is an intelligent option periodically

but often the absence of discipline

inspires easy as a choice.


Staying is harder as consistent

presence breeds mounds of dischord

and insult; but to stay means 

reward reaped when success happens.

Reward or catastrophe; plaques

look good on walls but failures

also have rewards.


Experiencing from day one 

the building of a team or business

or relationship makes the next

endeavor easier. Makes walking

away a near impossible direction

because you have been there



Lady A








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Sometimes it's easier to stay

Sometimes it's easier to stay than to walk away.  

*~I may fall, but just like the Phoenix, I will rise from the ashes~*

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Stay or Go

Both have consequences. - slc


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easier but less fun and less

easier but less fun and less rewarding.

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Firsts Are Adventuous

For the melancholia that comes from ruts (Chruchill's "Black Dog") or dwelling on now, afraid to step beyond the habitual - any step is a good one to renew the spirit. The brave build and go boldly into the fire. From sedate and asleep to Identity born from doing and doing. :D


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Excellent. I was thinking about throwing in the towel on something to soon. I believe this poem was meant for me, letting me know. Too soon. Thank you Lady A you made my day with this Godsend.

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Hanging In Was My Thing

Last person out the door, trying to make it work with no resources. Try hard, sometimes it pays off, sometimes . . . :D


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I have ran, not walked, from

I have ran, not walked, from many things. it’s hard to walk towards what you feel is after you. It all depends what you see as reward, but I have regrets that outweigh if I had just stayed. This was so  malleable to the reader, a Mark of artistry 

Let your teeth show

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Value At Play

I once wrote a business plan with no help from the owner - I once wrote a grant proposal with no help from the sponsors, none of it worked out, like my rap group who did not want a business instructor, they wanted wealth that I would make for them. Odd - I hung in as long as I could - then ran trying not to scream. Until my next fiasco. :D