After timmimaines


I wanna be like you

I want to be like me too

and so I have to put

us in a blender

and bake the cake

and then eat the cake

and you become me

and I become you 

and the mixture

makes me wanna be

me again with a dash

of you and you

wanna be you again

with a dash of me.


Lady A




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hi timmiemains

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Tongue Out

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New handle? Nice. - slc



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Thanks.. not sure if it

Thanks.. not sure if it permanent yet. 

Trying to seprate person from writer if that makes sense?

I keep coming back here. When I created the account years ago.

I used my real name, many writers do not. It's something I regret for a long time and now found out I can change it. Not sure what to change it to. I happen to look over at my coffee cup which has my zodiac on the side.. 

I don't wanna explain somethings to people. You know?

Sure alot of this has to do with my life. But there's still things i have yet to to find meaning in. I want the reader to figure out what it means to them. Not what I was going through.. also if someone like my mother, girlfriend or child even found found this one day. They maybe curious and ask alot of questions. That's happened before. It not what I want. It takes away from what they read or what has been written. Not trying to keep secrets or anything. Just trying to make the person feel something or maybe think alittle. You know??

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Hope you stay a while :D slc