To be shouted down in public

for the odd view, for the soap box

performance that no one understands

or hears. Liberty goes home

and sulks.


Chases by the ghosts of last 

encounters with a crowd. It swells

like a tide, rushes in, washes

out to sea, invisibly,  and truth

is forgotten or unfindable.


Who said the little countries

were not free. We creat freedoms

even inside horrible systems,

when the buildings are cold

in winter and swelter in July.

We are tenacious. We giggle

when the must do becomes

a why didn't you do. When

no matter what you do makes

no differnce.


It's those little freedoms,

those whispered hopes, those

shared good dreams, the

odd item of happiness

from the past that 

takes away the dictates of unjust

laws or the absences of food

at the market place.


Lady A





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great points to ponder

great points to ponder