Goodbye Winter


  • I've waited
  • forever.
  • I counted days.
  • Checked off dates
  • on the calendar.
  • .
  • Nothing sped up
  • the chilly days
  • and the trips
  • to the thermostat
  • became a thing.
  • .
  • It was an expensive
  • winter. Every window
  • in the house kept 
  • complaining about
  • the hoar frosted ice
  • and snow build-up
  • in corners that
  • obscured the wind
  • whipped view
  • to the outside.
  • .
  • It will be a thrifty
  • Spring once it decides
  • it wants what I want.
  • Winter gone.
  • .
  • Lady A
  • 04-16-18
  • 330a



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patriciajj's picture

You expressed my feelings

You expressed my feelings exactly.  Enjoyed this.

Sassylass's picture


I enjoyed It!

I wish you warmth and flowers:)


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



allets's picture

Thanks, it's cold this week

Thanks, it's cold this week and will probably be rainy. What we ususally get in late March. Time to spruce up outside and the ground is acually soggy. My two requirements for yard work: feet don't sink and hands don't freeze to the lawn bag. Ha! Eventually, the thaw and evaporation. It is hoped. slc