Late For Tea Again

A New View


I tried so hard but the more energy

I put into the system the later

I became. Everyone conspired to keep

me away and traffic lights would not

cooperate and pedestrians walked

slower than tortoises up form the sea.


Is the tea cold? Please make more.

I see the cakes are not all gone. This

is the place where nourishment

and restoration happens. A brown

leaf steeped replenishes thoughts,

restores old dreams, and makes worlds

tumble around stars that have

too much heat.


Out of tea leaves again? No futures

can be foretold again. This is how we

roll most days. Late, cloned to try

existing in two places simultaneously.

I loved those cakes. To watch the steam

rise from little porcelain cups sitting

smug atop hand painted saucers.


Making up time is so difficult but possible

if perseverance rules beside patience. Let

the pedestrian get to the curb. Arrive late

and know time is infinite whether 

running backward or rushing forward.







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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

Oooh I like this

It is worth contemplating over a nice cup of tea. 

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I Right Now

Have a cup of tea. English Breakfast (circles in aluminum) - I guess those tariffs on aluminum are going to make them more expensive, but they are imported from UK and are sooooooooo good. - allets