Crocuses Under The Snow

Vintage Words

Trying to arrive, Spring turned back,
too cold to look over its shoulder,
shivered out the question: "When?"
Measured in inches, little flowers
preceded by tenacious fronds
take to the open air and spread
an inch wide and high
to greet inches of frozen wet
Dear Moma Nature: I know
this is your terrain, but keep
this up and Spring will create
and carry posters against your
inability to provide decent

working conditions or to give
an acceptable pay raise.


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  I hope she hears you,

Smile  I hope she hears you, Stella. The growing season is going to be REALLY short if this keeps up. I can see the price of food rising now as I type

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Prices Will Rise

 For 2019, post fires and floods, the price of wine and fruits will go sky high. Thanks for the read. It is so good to see you around again. - Stella