She once met a nice man from Boston

he liked his baked beans with a hard on

She gave him a tug

while he lay on her rug

until he passed gas with abandon.


A randy chick from Indiana

kissed a cop on the bridge into Canada

she liked being frisked

but when his finger she kissed

got her ass deported back to America.


A boy with a penchant for candy

rotting teeth always made his mouth sandy

up under her dress

he held a long breath

that served only to make his tongue randy.


There was a hot poet from Detroit

who limericked with a sharp pencil point

she soap scrubbed her pen

wished for pleasures again

only liquid black ink could annoint.







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something different from you.

something different from you. amusing - go on!

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I Write Lims Periodically

A way of breaking a mold and a habitual kind of write. Limericks are a hoot and not all that easy to write. They take time. These need more time, but you get to a point and say, "Go with it". or Go on! :D - slc