A Brush With Death

Vintage Words


So the heart stopped and all the booze

in china and russia imported here could not

heal the wounds. It lasts and lasts, don't it? Look

over there where people are laughing at you,

wondering why you did so little with your

mindset from the bottom of the world where

you migrated and built a wall.


Take no comfort. There isn't any. This is what

happens when the gun poisons, when the world

is on fire and you have no water. Pea shooters,

you learned late, were children toys and you died

leaving mourners and curses. The world is a little smaller

now. Wrinkled, the iron's setting was too low. This

atmosphere is sad. Prayer is supposed to work.

Why isn't it working?






Author's Notes/Comments: 

The mindset of one who goes into a church and kills 26 people - :(

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