You can see the stressors

sweating from the walls

and the edge of the blade

descending on the necks

of the unwary below.


The skin feels like

it's coming apart while

the heart races, slows,



Can't sleep, food

means choices to make,

kids gone, no comfort

on sofa or bed.


A pill to sleep, a

pill to wake, coffee

to stay alert to meet

the agony of decisions

and the serious absence

of solutions.


Some thrive under

the treason of pressure

some crumble and fail,

but the causes are internal

and if left to fester

serve nothing.


Stella L. Crews




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Too many deaths in too short a time - I'm jus sayin' ~allets~


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 It's been said when death

 It's been said when death smiles at us

all we can do is smile back

Me I think I'll give him the middle finger !

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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Another FU Moment

Do not go gentle ~allets~


a l l e t s


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Feeling that same way of too many deaths...short time. Intense!

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