I was going along smoothly

and then I hit the glass ceiling.

Bam is a very good word.

I saw feet, the bottoms of soles;

heels, loafers, overhead. I

heard the sound of clicking

and thuds as they moved

to the next higher level. As

if cast out of Valhalla, the sound

of skidding on the way out

and down is shattering glass

slithers remarkable.


I would have done what needed

be done to be there with them,

but most of them are yes people

who follow well and mayn never

learn the art of leading humbly.

This may be less lucrative, yes,

but, from the shadows, a level

or two lower, effective training

and mentoring is uninterupted

by avarice and the edges

of the combatively competitive.


Stella L. Crews






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