You Knew Better



Remorse is for the truely repentent,

those who innocently entered the venture,

caused the impossible by accident

instead of purpose and knowing

after many observations that this

would not work.


Shame for the regrettable competent,

those who should have known the ending

and refused to see beyond satisfaction

and the high winds where existence

is absent that which is touchable

or breathable.


Sorrow makes time for the actually repentent,

those who step back from the edge aware

of a conclusion with an aweful synopsis

attached and a goodly amount of residue

left over from the snatch and rinse or

the grasp and wash it out later strategy.


Peace causes every kind of expedient,

those which move so fast the eyes bulge

with motion sickness, as if the best sex

act in the world was not performed

publically on purpose because time

became solid as if frozen water in a glass

that slips from the fingers and shatters

to be one with the shards of distance.


Stella L. Crews







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