Unnatural Selection

Vintage Words


The price tag is being revisited

world-wide. Cheap labor and oil,

water and food are about to become

anachronisms. The cost of exisence

is rising. 


Fat cats will become lean and mean

felines as the world shrinks and waters

begin to rise, vanish, refuse to rain

and stay. Building a wall is a plan

against South America sinking

and mass numbers of immigrants

storming an unprotected stretch

of water.


Canada is high above sea level

and mostly European settled

so no wall needed there only an

inexpensive welcome mat. We 

would be willing to learn French

over Spanish. It is our nature.


Closing it down is the wave

of the future. The more citizens

gun-ready, the better. Canada

is reviewing its immigration

policies and beginning to police

the borders for illegal immigrants.

There is no plan to take in millions

of in-flight Spanish speaking or

African or Middle East or Asian

citizens looking for a mountan

to live atop.


Sad, but true. Greenland is mostly

ice and civilization has knit a few

blankets to warm it even in summer.

Birds will lose traditional habitats

and so, apparently, will humans.








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