After The Fact


He learned that not paying rent 

meant an eviction notice. It was

not covered in school and he never

liked school that much anyway.

Practical was better. He paid his

rent on time every month after



Falling in love and having the man

she loved leave her and love someone

else was not taught in school either.

Two things may happen after that. She

finds someone else and gets to know

them much better before committing,

or she falls in love again and again

as if cupid dropped some acid and lost

it for a while.


Learning the world around you was

bad enough and required all your energy.

Learning the wider world was traumatic

and without a mentor or a parent, or

siblings with sense, you waded around

lost for a while, wishing you had paid

more attention to history, geography,

government, math, science, writing,

and sociology in school.


It eventually comes together and you 

form a whole personality in spite of

empty spaces in your development. You

write it off as learned in the school

of life lived and do all you can,

the best you can, with what you know; 

with what you never learned will

let you.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Read. Everything possible. - slc


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