Shaved Eyebrows

Vintage Words


I was born bald, but I
had thick eyebrows.
Everyone noticed.
Fortunately, I did not
understand language
yet to hear their how
ugly I was comments.
Born to be huge, all my
life I've had thick hairy
eyebrows. If left alone,
they would connect and form
one dark line across the top
of my face making my forehead
look small and my eyes
I now shave my eyebrows
because if I let them grow
free, the hair will join
at the center, or worse,
join my hairline, top and sides.
For a girl that would never
do. The "Cousin It" look?
I did not want to lose the look
of a human female, so during
puberty when shaving was introduced,
I was never far from  a razor.
Tweezers were painful, depilitation
creams made the grow back thicker.
Now I wear a wig and look like
everybody else. And you thought
only men had to shave. The things
we do to fit in.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not an autobiographical write - but I've heard tales ;D


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