Writing In The Sand


The tides tell

the sea

there is writing

in the sand.


Set this goal,


an eraser.


Water is

for cleansing

the way the sand

is for writing.






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Sometimes it's kinda sad when the writings get washed away.

Copyright © morningglory

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There is always an eraser, memory fades, tasks become less important, words lose their connotations, people age, sand is granular and tends toward leveling: sand castles, words etched with a finger or a stick - in time things appear and then fade.




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Oh my now that has a way of making you think, most might see this as a reflection of themselves, now I personally see it as being directed at my future or future dream being greater then the one before it, so much so the it erases the past, now I'd applaud if I could. "Water is for cleansing the way sand is for writing" in of itself is a beautiful sentiment, because one does not always use sand to write and speaking from someone who washes blood off his hands for a living I know more then most water doesn't always cleanse. As always such talent in your work. Even if that is in no way how you intended it to be, that is talent.

"Some people die at 25 but buried at 75" Benjamin Franklin 

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Blood Fades Too

eventually and metaphorically. Thanks for your encouragement and compliment - Lady A -