Counter Tempo

Vintage Words


He saw the world as a noose

so that his neck could breathe air without

qualms. Tombs seethe and thaw

the cold dead who freeze in summer

and in spring gnaw on the sinking

dirt. Truth is the only Speedy Comer.


Dark is a color. Fear an excuse to drop

the ball and lose the game. Happy

is what we do to keep thoughts of death

at bay. Charm is a cover. Choose

to be deeply reclused or fall down

lame and unhappy.


If he saw the room as freedom

then his eyes could imbibe liquid bliss

without choking. Absolute anything

is too much for humans but he

wants it. He wants to be wise

and melt into molten mist. Resolute,

everything is allusion posing

as delusion inside serfdom.









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