Knit And Grow

Vintage Words


Thank you, structural support. Mostly I

needed a subtle garden variety reminder.

The kidneys are not what they used to be.

As a filtration system, they worked well

for decades before losing the ability

to purifiy and discard. This may

explain why my brain mis-thinks. A

new irrigation system is in my future.

Fertilizer may be required.


Universally limited, as inside my garden's

square footage, I ponder the removal

of a once splendid spleen. Like an unwanted

pulled weed, the body continues growing

with spare parts missing. Universally liberated,

there is now room for expansion.


Come springtime. The organs eventually fade

when the trellis is breaking from the weight

of repetition. Fixed with the right pack

of seeds diligently planted, the vines

will knit over the damages, deftly covering

the missing parts. 


Come summer. Let filtered ultra violet

enter the skin, bolster the resistence, 

repair breakages with a rejuvenating

application of light. Quietly recovered,

the arbor heals once flowers











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