Love Sombody


All kinds of love and ways

to do it come in a manual

but only certain people earn

the right to read it. The rest

of us have to make do with a

handful of concepts handed down

by word of mouth or written

in novels.


I do not recommend learning

how to love or be in love

or be loved from a novel. The

drama is created by the characters

lying to each other from first

page to the ending.


Reality is tricky. You think one

way and up pops a whole new

way to love somebody: in essence

the rule is if blood related

then it is required until they

mess you up royally, disrespect

the moms and dad, or lose

a lot of money, wreck cars,

or borrow from you and never

pay you back. Then love

gets iffy.


"I love you," because I am

your brother. You love me because

I am your sister or cousin or uncle or

in-law. It gets complicated. You end

up loving a whole family reunion

full of people, all the folks

you work with, or have ever

met. Love gets thin when you

do it that way and it costs

you lots of time and money

and travel.


Simple love is passive and does

not require much input from you.

Some would argue that such loving

is mere acquaintence, but the test

is being there when the bottom

falls out from under your beloved's

boots and they are sinking.Please note,

at this point that pathological liars

and thieves are not lovable.


"Why did you pay his back mortgage

and nearly go bankrupt?" her father

asked. "I love my brother is why,"

she said and lived and ate at her

parent's house for the next two








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muneer's picture

nice example

you can’t love the whole world

although you can show it how





allets's picture

Love By Example

Thanks, I needed the reminder.


The organs fade

the trellis is breaking

a seed is planted

and love grows

in the off-tempo heart

renewing arbor's strength

when love as a flower






bishu's picture

If at all

If at all ..... To truly love or be loved is pain more & happy less



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So, They Lied To Us In School

All those happy ever after books lied? Awwwww and oh no! :(