A New View


Take a pill. If it does not work

take another pill. The day replays

the loss, the event, the last

few weeks competing with dream time

to explain restlessnss and tossing.

The moon rises, continues to rise.


Take a trip to the bathroom, stare

into the mirror. Go back to unuseful

covers and quilts, sheets and comforters.

If you were not alone, sleep would

be earned and welcome. Alone, no one

is there to wake and talk, rouse

and play with.


Take a deep breath. Take another one.

The gods are mute, the house creaks

and hums as the furnace churns out

waves of heat to keep out the cold. Keep

the rooms composed for a night's depth

of disconsciousness; the rumored winning

challenger of evil insomnia. On such

turf arrival of an unexpected guest

would be great, even a guardian angel

would be welcome.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's a word - not a reality. I sleep and dream great - surprisingly sleep is seldom a problem since I retired. :D

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