Lost In Form

Vintage Words


Better to be cynical and outraged

than complacence personified

or written down. Who declared

with authority and vim, no other

metaphorical means to the poetic

end is permissible?


We have so many poetically right

nature themed, writings stirring

the air into little dust devils of the

same sand caught in the same words

in the same form in the same



Barriers are for testing, touching,

then annihilating to introduce

a newer way of saying. There is no

taste too large or well to judge

what lingers from old written downs,

already saids, historical references,

borrowed vocabularies, song lyrics

and quotes as inspirations.


In search of something new, use fresher

than white blossom petals, sudden

smiles, grass bending on magic prone

winds, eyes glittering, and stars doing

what stars do over and over.







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