Vintage Words


To sense a cut sealing

or a burn that scabs and breaks

is a corridor to what the soul

does when faith is a question

and the future is obscure. First,

you have to believe in souls.


To live in the seconds

watching a hole in the skin

go bloodless teaches the lessons

of life's semi-impermeabilities.


To exist as a wholeness

in health as unquestioned

belief in all that is seeable,

wonderfully unseen, or

absolutely unknowable

as the ultimate bandage.


We rip and tear and scar

and burn and scrape off layers

of skin, then heal. That

is all we dare do.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Whether a small cut accidentally made , the loss of a limb, or a terminal illness, we believe we will heal. ~A~

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Really liked your second

Really liked your second verse. xP

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did not use the word semi-impermeabilities: but it was just too much fun. Thanks for your kind comment - Lady A -




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a pain every second

what ever remain from a scar or burn

is not what our skin gain

but the endless feeling

of that pain






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Skin maintains a scar

once a sharp point pierces

but it heals in time

and will not usually kill



to feel pain is a blessing

that allows painlessness

to give over to happiness

and mirth. Pain free

is the prefernce, but then

how will you learn the tenants

of carefulness?


That said, avoid sharp blades

which slice and make you bleed.

Who knows what's on the tip

or where it has been?


Stella L. Crews