It Is Coming Yet Again


The need to write it down came as if

the world was about to end and the record

had to be edited for whatever lifeform finds

our remains and remnants. The paper is made

of flesh and the bones as matter will be ashes

by the time we are excavated and brushed

clean to begin degradation faster in open

far purer air than what we left behind

a billion years earlier.


Puzzled, the successive intelligence will locate

and preserve massive grave sites of the neo-primate

with the large brain cavity. Ferns and time will

cover most surfaces of the hot earth after

the inundations recede and icecaps reform to

stabilize climatic responses to sun rises, pressure,

and oxygen, and an evolution of no longer caustic

gases. They will not look like us, but they will

think better. Being bi-pedal with opposable thumbs

may have been our nemesis.


Scientists will shake what serves as their heads

unable to untangle the information operative devices 

spewing, as yet, indecipherable codes and sounds. We

chronicled everything, wrote long reports, books,

manuals, and how to instructions, but, for now,

a billion years later, we are bonedust and skin

which, it turns out, was pretty resilent and defiant

of decay inside sealed metallic boxes.









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