205. Erratic



it's a puzzle that will never be solved ever.

wandering around inside a space with no instructions

courts chaos nicely, m'thinks. spin and spin

and stop with head still twirling. stagger a bit

then find your bearings inside a world that

is hostile to all that can live.


it's a tangle running from post seeking balance

and touching the pillar as if it were a magic wand

all the while wishing and wishing. stars spin

and twirl, and the moon staggers watching us

down here, erratic as heartbeats under

pressure or after a good jaunt along the river.


it's a snag and a trick, anyhow the birds

are happy even if the season are as erratic

as why glaciers crack and fall into the ocean.

watch out! here comes a toy fire truck

guided by a three year old on a mission.

it could be a near thing.


Stella L. Crews




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