Looking For The Happy

Vintage Words


The search is one part luck,

one part experience, and one part

happenstance as magic, although

there are rumors to the contrary.

Elusive as ants in tall grass,

the happy is a small mustard seed

of pretention to sting the tongue

with flavors like no other herb.


Catching glimpses of joyousness

takes practice; one must listen first

for the sound of children laughing,

adults laughing in the chorus,

and dogs howling in mututal

celebration. There are other

elements, but these are the main



Finding happy takes energy as

decision arises; a sun against

the darkness and the grayness

shadowing all who have walked too

long in this garden at midnight.


An irrisistable joke, a song with lyrics

to amaze and overwhelm with glee,

the simplest of double take worthy puns

or side glances at rollicking antics:

These are the stuffs of pinks and bright









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