Love Is A Five Letter Word

Holiday Poems


No, love is not a five letter

word unless you put an s on

the end or an "r", which

is nice. Real nice.


Who made February the love

month with red and pink

hearts all over the stores?

A candy day. A flower day.

I have been forced to love

to the tune of cash registers

chalking up profits?


It is okay. The secular

side of Christmas sells toys

and ornaments and candy

canes. I suppose I can live

with a box of chocolates if

I absolutely have to

on February 14th.







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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

it could be worse

You could be expected to buy a groundhog.... Or maybe you would prefer a groundhog?  We could all start sharing groundhogs day cards that say "Hooray!  Let's start gardening now!" Or "Sorry about those petunias that aren't going to be born now that our growing season is essentially gone....."



allets's picture

Happy Ground Hog Day!


I'm in. We could start a new holiday card company - Groundhogs R us.