Lack Luster

Vintage Words


I lead a lack luster life

and I like it that way. No

drama that could be called

drama; peace and silence

are companion to calm

and serene scenarios.


If I had to get angry or a

bit upset, I would have to take

lessons. I would do it so badly

that the neighbors would complain

that the row was too subdued.


Upset me and I will go

into myself and brood a while

then come out and pick

up a book and read it with

a vengeance to the end.

My form of protest against

the unfortunate ills that

beset me from time to lifetime

basically are muted

to the point of nearly not

existing at all.






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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

excellent poem, and i love the sentiment,

But you're probably wrong :) as a kid, i knew my mom's best friend (and her son) pretty well.  She was always happy, smiling, and joking around.  Once in a great while, she got mad, and everyone was so stunned that she was angry at all, that we immediately and contritely started to behave, because if we made her mad at all, we must have done something REALLY bad.  :) maybe a stranger wouldn't take you seriously, but people who know you will most likely react with immediate shock and apologies :)

allets's picture

Or They Would Move Away Quickly

I've cleared rooms. I babble and resort to illogic. It's a curse. I can't curse! Anger is for other people, I just suffer in silence usually, then get up and put on some music and start dancing. This is called a defense mechanism but like all placebos, it catches up and then volcanoes erupt and spew all kinds of stuff under pressure . Actively seeking peace. ~s~