Eating A Hard Boiled Egg

Vintage Words


If it comes off in a few easy series

of thumb strokes, then you have it at the right

termperature for peeling off the shell. Soak

in cool water, wait. If the yoke is golden

yellow, you did it right.


A hard boiled egg is like life;

sometimes it gets stuck to the top

of your mouth and refuses to budge.

But, if seasoned just right, the flavors

are worth the wait, the tongue must

be diligent and pry gently.


However, if the temperature

was too low and the egg comes out

soft, then a spoon is needed. Unlike

life, because when life gets stuck

a sharp blade or a fork is best.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Scrambled eggs are an entirely different life metaphor :D


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bishu's picture

Ard boiled Eggs

Ard boiled Eggs....


only chapattis & subzi for 7 days in a row

Not enuff to keep in proper shape you know

Today at brekfist an ard boiled egg

Was gunpowder in tiny white oval keg

Dah egg I chewed sans salt gave mah Zest

So I rote diss rubbish without taking any rest



allets's picture

Ard Boiled


I'm about to eat chicken noodle soup - making myself eat - appetite waning - but spring is around the corner (after 12" of snow melts on east coast) then gardening! Time to grow some berries! And eat them :D