Time As Friend

Vintage Words


At the tender year of five

the world is just not there

other than in the form

of a flower or a new dress

or toy truck.


At the terrible teens

hormones are not a factor,

the latest cd or itune

matters more than

school or family.


At twenty-one, the world

expects more than you

are willing or ready to give

up yet. You make

the sacrifice and discover

adulthood sucks.


At fifty, you're more

than half done, most

of you. Hormones recede,

hair removal becomes a thing,

and wrinkles are almost

welcome because they, like

gray hairs, were earned.


At seventy-five the world

is dimmer, the muscles move

when the arteries allow kinetic

achievement, but the mind

is as sharp as it was at seventy

and five year olds look at you

with wonder.







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