Vintage Words


No candy in any form, nothing

made with sugar, no carbohydrates:

pie, cake, crackers, bread products.

The fast food industry should

take a hit. The lettus on the burger

is okay and, if you can find it.

the tomato.


No more cotton candy, no shakes

or ice cream sundaes. Damn. I loved

ice cream. The idea of the candy bar

is passe. No more boxes of candy

for Valentine's Day. The idea of

the Christmas stocking, gone.


I ate an ice cream sandwich (2 actually)

some bread with fried chicken, way

over budget on foods not to eat. Then

watched as arthritis took over. Indigestion

is a kinder way of saying what happened.

So, please excuse me, I have to go. Time

for more green tea and a carrot

to snack on.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

I didn't know. We ate fat and candy like main food groups as kids. It requires discipline and better shopping habits. Close your eyes during fast food commercials - I know - silly, I also kill the sound with the mute button. No more food messages as conditioning. Hey, works for me. ~Stella~


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