Training Wheels

Vintage Words


Ten thousand years ago

we learned to farm and stopped

eating nuts and berries. That

is when we started having

trouble with digestion

and gaining weight. Time

to regrow a pair of training



The innocent dark berry

has a bad reputation now,

for some reason. It makes

you healthy - heaven forbid

we put doctors out of business

and pharmacutacle companies

on hold indefinitely.


Cave men and women and cave

kids knew the value of foraging

for black berries needing

lots of energy to run from



Acai and mulberries, any fruit

that grows on a tree or vine

is better than wheat and corn.

Soy is a hoax and damages

more than it fixes. Goodbye

cookies, no more pies, cakes,

crackers or bread. Start over,

learn to ride a bike with

training wheels.


Frozen berries are  better than

grilled cheese and eggs. Milk

products and chicken farms

love to add growth hormones. If

you must, go organic. Butter

is not a food. Canola oil is

not a food either. eat nothing

processed. The rule is food

grows on a limb, or a vine,

or ubderground.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm on a health kick. It won't last. Or maybe it will. Keep you posted :D

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