Lipstick Melts

Vintage Words


It is a problem for the cleaners

or the laundry room with lots

of cleanser to erase the evidence

of last night.


It is a favorite shirt and lipstick

melts in the dryer and becomes

permanent if not treated with

the right detergent.


Why did she kiss my shirt?

Lips are so much easier to clean

up after a night of smooching.

I have to admit it is a nice 

shade of red.







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an excellent piece of work filled with love and inner emotion. I like the way you wrote this wonderful poem. keep it up friend. 

Dr. Zayed Bin Zakir Shawon

allets's picture

Thanks Doc

Had fun putting it together. Somewhere in the world this is a conundrum. yrpoempalfromthebigmittenUSA  :D  :D