Time As A Cause


We wait for it impatiently

and when it arrives, it is gone.

We run hoping to catch it,

and it filters through

our grasp.


If time was a trickle of water

seeping from a rock wall,

it would be fresh until it hit

the dirt. Catch a moment

in both open palms and sip.

Time cools and refreshes.


The other thing about time;

a myth that says it heals

old aches and slights, cuts

 and emotional bruises, hurts

and betrayals, failures

and falls is untrue. Wounds

last a life long time.

Sometimes forever.







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and_hera_met_zeus's picture


catch a moment before it's gone forever, muddied by the dirt.  

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time as experience. Appreciate it while it's happening or there - look away and poof - it may be gone forever :D