Hopscotched Quilt



Simple. Raise one foot, hop

one, then two, then one until

you reach the top, jump turn,

not touching the lines. a small

pebble in your palm.


Thowing the stone onto the number

is a lot like a job interview, if you

skillfully pick up the pebble gently

and don't touch the chalky sides,

you may win to the next critical

step. Hopping to the top of the line

has always been prone to

the frequency of repeatability.


Gazing at stars, the glistering

pieces of moonlight painted

in distinct points on the face

of the lake is like counting  geese

in migratory flight, or naming blades

of grass. Existence is a hopscotch

patchwork designed for humans,

made by God.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

A favorite childhood game - one or five can play. Marbles was another one requiring great eye hand coordinaton :D

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i was awful at hopscotch, even worse at jumping rope.  i wasn't terrible at marbles though.  

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My Marble Days

I can't hold a marble to shoot it anywhere. If we played, you'd probably win. :D