Contemplate Hope


There it is again, the bottom

layers of the heart where the dregs

of emotions stir and threathen

to dominate the mind.


When the shadows of a thought rouses

and spreads darkness like deep gray fog

across the internal game plan, that

means a sun has risen somewhere.







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I love this, I could really

I love this, I could really 'feel' your words and they made me think Sue.

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Fond of This One Too

Sometimes you have to reach far for the poem. This was such a write - thanks for reading me - Stella



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Hello and thank you

Hello and thank you

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you are so welcome.

kiss the baby for me - must be big now! - yrpoempalappreciatingcommentslikethisonesomuch! - Lady A -



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"bottom layers of the

"bottom layers of the heart" well said! Somewhere, always somewhere.

*tallsquirrelgirl* she feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS ~henry james

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Origin Of Line

From Sound of Music: paraphrased - "When a door closes somewhere a window opens." I keep skimming Sanburg too. Love that poem "Fog". - :D slc



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This leads to sadness in some

This leads to sadness in some hope not to you.

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It's Hard

The world seems so bleak - hope is little bird caught in a tornado, feathers flying every whichaway. Who will love a little sparrow? I will, said the poet. :D - slc