Anti-Politically Correct

Vintage Words


Rip it utterly to shreds

throw it like trash into the sea

come, say whatever you want to

refusing to comply or conform.

Do not edit one word dictated

by socially acceptability. Disentangle

one's mouth from some lame

like excuse for expressing oneself.


Go inside and find the best

vocabulary that suits you and only

you. Forget the sutured and surgical,

the reduced and painted over

with platitudes and kind respect

modes of saying. 


Stay a while. Eat and drink pride

as a celebration of your uniqueness.

Sip from the essence of what you

managed to obtain in thoughts

and words in order to showcase

personally exclusive phraseology,

repeated cliches, folk lore borrowd

lines that will work wondrously well

in literary circles of the now a days.


Keep a satchel full of ideas ready

for acts that fill the ears of anyone

available who is ready to accept

the incorrectitude of your posture

and pose. Meet me half way at the well

of what everyone wishes were a new mode

of extolling emotion, word picturing, 

and the oh so fine ego of art. Send

packing the herd who want to control

your selections of ideas and notions,

dreams and elocutions. Their day

has dawned and died.


Politically correct as a thing was

stabbed in a dark alley last night. It

bled exactitude like a newly edited

thesaurus, oozed the lessons of history

tatooed to it's forehead into liquid

revisionisms that ran swiftly to

the drains unmourned and unobserved.


Now no one need concern themselves

with learning a new  way of seeing

different cultures when theirs is the only

culture relevant. One way of seeing

is patented and has a trademark. Correct

implies someone is wrong, thus it had

to be assassinated. Borrowing someone

elses words is totally acceptable

and we shall never see the like

of political correctness again.







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The term 'I know it when I

The term 'I know it when I see it', comes to mind. but as a poet you know that offense is never given it is only taken. 

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A Lot Of Seniors


are going to take offense when their SS and Medicare is ungrown and defunded. I think poets should know that the defunding or eradication of the NEA and NEH will have a dramatic psumani affect on the publishing industry and writers who have opportunities from those funds. They attack (offend) us thinking wrongly that we do not vote (we may learn to give offense in two years and four years. I know that this posturing is called control of the media and a new form of conditioning. Wait, it gets better. The EPA and exploration of alternative energy sources are also slated for the axe (budget to be released in mid-April, 2017). The Democrats are just learning how best to give offense having taken so much of it lately. (re: comment - Offense not taken disempowers the giver of the offense (reference Ghandi, MLK) - the politically correct reply). As a poet I see it as a revolving door, a tennis ball in play, a twitter post demanding reply. :D.  - slc -