White Lies


Equivocations arrived as proxy 

for the downright, the considered,

the unmitigated, the exact. The head

has a nervous tic seldom witnessed,

the eyes blink fast to dash away

as if casting away the actual,

the straightforeward, unalloyed,

outright, plain spoken, veritable,

and absolute. 


The mouthing of small inexactitudes,

cast off excusably as white lies,

loses the simple opportune instant

for an enlightening, a veritable,

a purely, an honestly, a relevant.


Perversion falls from the lips

easily like rain drips from a roof

ineptly shingled with slate squares

of the unthought, the flippant,

the remorseless, the disthorough,

the unplain, the categorical,

Make fiver, imprecisely, arrantless, 

and disrespecting as if fine. Intended

really and frankly owned completely

as an unadulterated right

to lie.








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