Vintage Words


Sing alone creating paradise

where one voice descries too much

joy, way too much repertoire. Say

a life in monody, dare to lament

each fallen warrior.


There, a battlefield of once living,

now ghosting bodies and thoughts

as imitation essence brought back

in monotoned chronology from memory. 

A solo poetically praised or condemned

is equals in our esteem.


Recite or grieve, no matter. All

alone is destined to exude oneness

for time's eulogistic ways. The future

as remembrance is executed by time

as guilty. A single past hangs

in state, a lone report of passage

and deed, failures and faux pas,

epitomized in solomn monologue 

congealed in monody. 






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I enjoyed reading this poem

I enjoyed reading this poem as well as other poems you wrote. From the picure you have chosen to be your profile photo, I can see how righteus is your mind.

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To Be Righteous

Thank you - Celebration and remembrance are a poet'a calling. Be well ~sc~ 



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Comprehensive, time as a

Comprehensive, time as a eulogy, Outstanding!

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Time is fun to toy with. Happy u found an image so noteworthy ~ sc ~ 



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the future as remembrance

i like the last stanza the most. somber and condemning

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I write a bona fide poem - felt good to stretch . Thanks always for stopping by. ~sc~