The trek familiar after getting off the bus,

the colors particular in mosaic artistry, and

across the street at the museum, Rodan's

The Thinker is thinking on Woodward as cars

whisk pass. These images are about to be from

days long gone. The leafing through paper

has shaped generations for centuries. Leather

bound memories and Tables of Content,

wikk become endangered.


Internal surfeit of books and maps, newspapers

on microfiche, librarians always helpful has

become passe, an expense about to be relegated

to history. The internet will change physical

holding of books. Millennials will experience on

line libararies and old buildings, wonderful

ancient edifices, will vanish like the buffalo

that once dominated the landscape to the horizon.


Amassing huge amounts of information in one place

is so easy now and bookstores and libaries will be

remembered fondly. Still, the daily or weekly

trek to the library, that wonderful smell of all

things old, will be possible for nostalgic reasons

but only for a while. The walls are covered with

writing. Books on line will house best sellers

and old sellers exclusively.


Time to install rows of computers in libraries.

Proprietary is relative but information access is

the point. Ahoy bookstores and ivy league colleges,

on line education is the next best innovation

roaming its way past scanners and security guards,

librarians and card catalogs.






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