Anatomy Of An Idea


You cannot make an idea on paper

or with a pen or on a computer

or on a wall with spray paint


an idea is the product of electro-magnetic

currents interacting with brain cells

and neurons to travel through

the medulla oblongata to the tongue

and layrnx to shoot from the mouth

as words (not ideas)


ideas are born of heavenly hosts

and myths inside legends inside

fairy tales that posture as folk music

tuned on a country guitar, blue

of course, and let loose

on the universe via various sound



I had an idea and tried to put it down

exactly as I thought it, but in a phantasmagorical

fit it transformed, in the end, into itself

and refused to become a word like abstraction


ideas interface with impossibly, precisely

manufactured in the mind and heart

and practically every part of the human

form which forever blocks it' entrance

onto any kind of actual or virtual page.







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