The best things in life are in front of you

and daily you ignore them. It does not hurt

you any, even a little bit, to see the trees

and the forest.


The days march in an inexorable line

heading toward the last days of your year

which can not be stopped or paused,

unless you go schizophrenic or become

comatose after a sharp blow to the existence.

See it all. Abosorb every pebble, every

dust mote.


At week's end, do a survey of all the things

you had done to you by people you can not stand

up to unless you lose something more precious

than a string of would have saids.


Roll those deeds into a ball and throw them

over the shoulder and let them join your shadow

as you march inexorably toward your future

and tight end run around the next assault.

Such is the pace in the lifeplace. Ignore most

of it, but avoidance learning is a valid ploy

to have under your hair folicles to cover

future irresistable forces.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

word #159 of poem a day challenge.

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I laugh at the time my mother

I laugh at the time my mother asked me , exasperated, "What are you going to with your life?!" and I answered "Be a clown."  How did I make it out of my teen years alive?

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About Mothers

We have ways of making our point sting later - it's a quality inherited by all mothers after the last labor pain. :D