Looking For Love


In the woods once, lost

and looking for a pathway

to all things made of happiness,

I thought I saw love

half hidden, hiding from wolves

beneath a rotted moss

covered fallen pine.


I said, "Hey love, whatcha

doin' under there?" Love

is shy, but since I was not

a wolf, love said, "I'm

absorbing resin and pine



"Why? Is love not acidic

enough?" Love looked up,

eyes widening before answering,

"No, not for acid, for eons old

stored up pomp, glory, and

majesty. I lost much of that

over the centuries."


I left love there, collecting what

was no longer needed by conifers

and tried looking instead for love's

cousins: truth, valor, and freedom

because they do not hide

in pine trees rotting

in the woods.







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Blackwingedbird's picture

Your poem of love Resin-nates

Your poem of love Resin-nates (sorry for the pun) . This reads a little like folklore, which is a favorite of mine.


allets's picture

Wondrous Pun!


That's what I had in mind with my Elementals series - more like mythology though. A great pun to begin the new year. Thanks! - allets -