The Demographic

Vintage Words


Put on your thinking hat

and pull up the flaps to uncover

the brainwaves seeping

out at the hairline. There

is a new sheriff in town

and she wears a skirt, drinks

lattes, adores hat pins,

and speaks softly in excellent

rhetoric and unfaultering



At thrity three, the world twists

a bit aslant the equator; her eye

on the market, her goal, equity,

already achieved. High heel

tempo is in equal rights flat,

an archive of gray matter, she

brings enlightenment to the work



Corporate males rebel at will

but such battles will be hard fought,

energy intensive, and losses

unprecedented. Complement her

entourage or condemn the advance

as a breech of front lines, but

responsibility is embossed on her

standard in really fine cross stitches.


She also tats a rather intricate

pattern of lace during board

meetings. Beware those hat pins.

They tend to sting when they








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lizardking's picture

you like hat pins too?

i am 60% finished with covering a hat with pins. i'd be closer, but i've taken to covering other hats as well. you know, diversity.


i wish the sherrif in my town spoke softly and liked hat pins. i'd imagine i would get less speeding tickets for having a nice hat.

allets's picture

Chuckle chuckle...

wit the soul of something that likes hat pins, seems. Good one! :D - allets -